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Nesbitt Cemetery Association

P.O. Box 223

Marshall, TX 75671

 Nesbitt Cemetery Association annual meeting will be held at Nesbitt Cemetery on April 26, 2003 at 1100 a.m. followed by a covered dish lunch.  The cemetery is located in Nesbitt on Hwy 154.  Our web site includes a map.

 The election for 2 members to the board of directors will be held.

 Our tax exempt organization was approved by the IRS on November 1, 2002. Please see the enclosed Trust Fund information page and donation / pledge form.

 The Trust Fund and tax deductible donations will be discussed at the annual meeting.  If you have any questions, contact Kenneth Haynes, Treasurer.

 A work day was held at the cemetery on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We thank those who were able to attend and those who sent contributions.

 The association membership roster needs to updated. Please complete and return the enclosed information form.  As your family changes, please provide information so the membership roster can be kept current. 

 Please visit our web site.

 If you have information or historical pictures that you would like included in the web site, contact John Tanner  

Board of Directors:                                                    

Class of 2003                  Class of 2004                                           Class of 2005

Lance Nesbitt                   Rebecca Evers, Vice President               J. C. Cambers

Geneva Wilson                Kenneth Haynes, Treasurer                     Joe Hudson, President

                                                                                                           Neva Gaile Tanner, Secretary

Burial / Maintenance Committee: 

Billy Ray Haynes,  Joe Hudson,  Richard Wilson


Board of Directors Election Mail in Ballot

To be used only if you cannot attend the annual meeting.


A board member must be a member of the association, at least 21 years old, and willing to serve.

Mark  your 2 choices, sign your name, and return to Nesbitt Cemetery Association.


____ I vote for Lauren Roe Best                                 ____ I vote for write-in _______________

____ I vote for Carolyn McKay Haynes                       ____ I vote for write-in _______________



Signature                                                                                 Date


My contribution to Nesbitt Cemetery Association of $ ____________ is to be place in the

_______  Permanent Trust Fund

_______  Maintenance Account



Signature                                                                     Date




  Double the Trust Fund by 2004


The Internal Revenue Service officially recognized Nesbitt Cemetery Association, Inc. as a Section 501 (c) (13) tax exempt organization on November 1, 2002.  This has been a long process but necessary for the perpetual maintenance of the Nesbitt Cemetery.  The letter of approval states, “Under the provision of Section 170 of the Code, donors may deduct contributions to you.”  Please provide your tax accountant the following numbers:                                                                                   

EIN 75-2081270   
DLN 402262080

Many of you have been faithful contributors to the best of your ability.  But we must be honest and recognize the reality of our funds.  The Trust Fund is painfully inadequate to sustain the cemetery.  The trust manager has been very cooperative to maintain the fund as economically as possible but has emphasized, we are the smallest fund under their management.

The market value of the Trust Fund as of January 1, 2003 was $41,337.44.  The total amount added to the Trust Fund by contributions in 2002 was $935.00.  Because the fund is small, a large percentage of the earning are used to pay the fund manager.  Our objective is to increase the fund to an amount that would generate earnings in a volume large enough to compound the value at a greater rate.  

We must work to enlarge the Trust Fund with larger contributions.  The goal is to double the Trust Fund by January 1, 2004.  Please consider donations in an amount commemorative of your love for relatives and friends in the Nesbitt Cemetery and your personal ability to contribute.  

Nesbitt Cemetery Association Board of Directors


Nesbitt Cemetery Association        
P.O. Box 223  
Marshall, Texas 75671

EIN  75-2081270     
DLN 402262080

Trust Fund Contribution  



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