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Robert Jameison and Nathan L. Nesbitt, twin brothers from Tennessee, settled this area in 1847. The first grave here was that of Nathan's wife, Psyche ("Sackey") Walker Nesbitt. Robert's wife, Susan Adeline Nesbitt, who often nursed sick neighbors in the absence of a community doctor, donated this site for a Family Cemetery. After her husband died, she used her pension from his service in the Mexican War to fence the plot. Nesbitt descendants, led by Julian Womack Nesbitt, established a trust fund for perpetual care of the cemetery in 1969.


Dedication of Marker
April 1976 



Alice Adeline Nesbitt Michaels unveils the Texas Historical Marker at Nesbitt Cemetery while Judge John D. Furrh stands by to read the Inscription.  Concluding the dedication, Nesbitts join hands with neighbors and friends to recite the Lord's Prayer